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  Feed the Archive!

I need your help to fill in the gaps in the Atari 2600 Archive.  If you see something missing in the Archive, whether it's a picture or other information, please send it to me . Also, if you have any information or stories about a particular game, please let me know! Email all submissions to  If your submission is used, your name and a link to your webpage (if you provide your URL with your submission) will appear on the front page of AtariGuide for at least a month!

To help the most, you can submit FULL information for the games! Games submitted in this format will make it into the archive much more quickly, plus you can earn discounts and cash to spend at AtariGuide!

I need the following information about each game:

  • 600 dpi scan of the cart - Please scan the entire cart and end label and send it to as a .jpg.
  • If the cart has distinguising features on the back or sides it doesn't hurt to send a scan of that too.
  • Game Name
  • Label Background Color
  • Label Text (The actual game title main color) Color
  • Type of case:
  • Locking: like most Atari Carts. Solid front on the cart
  • Open Spring: Like most Activision carts - Open end with spring loaded tabs.
  • Open No Spring: Another common Activision carts style - Open end with non moving tabs.
  • Sliding: like Locking, but doesn't lock.
  • If it's a minor variat, what makes it a variant?
  • Latest year on the label, if any
  • Estimated value of the cart (US Dollars)
  • Manufacturer (Activision, Atari)
  • Release year of the cart
  • Model number on the cart (like AG-002)
  • Type of controller used (joystick, paddles)
  • Number of players and play modes - One player, two player turns, two player simultaneous, etc.
  • Number of game variations
  • Rarity of the cart (1-10)
  • Short description of gameplay.
  • Extra info such as company info
  • Extra info such as information about original manufacturer
  • A Screenshot. The default sizes from any of the rom players is fine.
  • A Rom file.
  • Typed Instructions. Purple denotes a required item.

    If you submit all the purple items for a game and it is accepted, you will receive 10% off your next order.
    If you submit ALL of the listed items and it is accepted, you will receive 20% off your next order - or - a
    $5 credit first game
    $3 credit for games 2-10
    $2 credit on games 11+
    on any order at AtariGuide - or - a free copy of the AtariGuide CD-Rom (Your choice, limit 1 CD-Rom per household per year).

    Please Email us before making a submission to be sure your item is not a duplicate.
    All accepted submissions also get their name, a note about their contribution, and a link to an apporpriate website of their choosing, on the homepage of AtariGuide for at least one month.
    You can not combine percentage discounts. You can combine credits. You may not use one percantage discount in combination with one or more credits

    Instruction Manuals
    I'm in need of a few transcribed instruction manuals to complete the entries.  Type them in and send them to me as a text file (.txt).  Here's what I need:

    Berenstain Bears, Time Pilot, Shootin' Gallery, Cubicolor, Star Strike, Death Trap, Wall Ball, Miner 2049er Vol II, Gas Hog, Magicard, China Syndrome, Spitfire Attack, Glib, Cosmic Corridor, Stargunner, Room of Doom, Bachelorette Party, Gigolo, Jungle Fever, Burning Desire, Cathouse Blues, Knight on the Town, Lady in Wading, Philly Flasher

    I'll update this list every couple of weeks.  Thanks again!

  • Atari Game Images

    We'll certainly accept any pictures regarding 2600 games, but if possible, please use the AtariGuide standard:
    Scan at 600 dpi with a black background.
    Boxes and Instructions
    Scan at 300 dpi with a black background.

    Don't crop the images too close.  I'll crop them for you.  At AtariGuide, we  like to show the complete cartridge!