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AtariGuide Game Manager
Version 1.0

Keep track of your collection with this Excel-based program, available only here!  It includes every game listed in AtariGuide, with it's rarity and auction value.  The game manager has two operating modes:

My Collection
 - Keep an inventory of your game collection and trade lists
 - Quickly calculate the total value of your collection
 - Create Have/Need lists to facilitate trading
 - Sort lists easily by name, manufacturer, or rarity

Auction Generator
Want to auction off a set of 100 games?  Don't spend an hour typing them in!  Just check off the games you're selling, and the Auction Generator will create a table (in HTML format) that you can paste directly into your auction listing at Ebay or other auction site!
 - Include rarity ratings and total estimated value
 - Link game titles directly to their pages in AtariGuide
 - Enhance the value of your auctions by giving your buyers all the information they need!
 - Includes three different listing formats

Download it!
(Yeah, it's free!)

Requirements:  You must have an installed version of Microsoft Excel (no older than Excel 97), or a fully compatable spreadsheet program.

Note: The Game Manager is also available on the AtariGuide CD!

Bug Report
- If you receive the message "OK to overwrite cells" or something like that, click "yes".